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We are an IPv4 broker trading IPV4 subnets.

Registered ipv4 facilitator in RIPE, ARIN, LACNIC and APNIC - Brokering service


IPv4 exhaustion is a reality

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The current status of IPv4 - IPv4 exhaustion

ARIN used its last /8 long ago however still from time to times reallocates /24 ipv4 addresses. The waiting list time is random, 8 months on average.

RIPE NCC started a waiting list to allocate a /24 for new LIR members. Each LIR can receive one /24 allocation from the waiting list. In other words only LIRs that have never received an allocation can make a request for a single /24 !.

In APNIC, as of Friday, 5 April 2019, all new and existing members are able to access up to a maximum of /23.

As for LACNIC exhaustion is predicted for August 2020. This is for all the above reasons that IPv4 broker such as us are registered with all the RIRs: to help you to find IPv4 subnets !

AFRINIC still has IPv4 until this summer 2020. After that ?

Now there are IPv4 address space available and our task is to support sellers and buyers of IPv4 block space to find the right buyer or seller, ensure that the resources are clean (we check reputation and  blacklisting but also no-route listing), ensure that BGB and route objects are removed. Last but not least we use a fully trustable Escrow service for the financial scheme. Buying IPv4 is not only a question of price (Auctions are not for everyone' company) but also a question of experience and trust.

The IPv4 need

Despite the implementation of IPv6 there is still a need for IPv4 and we help you to find rare IPv4 block size your need at the right price and in a safe manner thanks to escrow service.  

Buying  or selling IPv4 address space is what we do from start to finish and interact directely as registered broker with the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) .  

For some ARIN and APNIC you need to have a pre-approval from the RIR but once you have justified your need then we can support  in your ipv4 subnet transfer process. 

Having IPv4 Legacy, PA (Provider aggregatable) or PI (provider independant) subnets is also a financial asset for your company and demonstrates that you can sustain your growth.

Welcome to BRENAC ipv4 broker in RIPE NCC, ARIN, LACNIC and APNIC. We will help you to find the right resources on the market and in its secured transfer process. 



BUY IPv4 / SELL IPv4 subnets

You need to find or to sell IPv4 subnet, from /24 to larger subnets, Legacy, PA or PI, an ASN ? or just a free advise:

Do not hesitate to contact us !.

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RIPE 80 Sponsoring

BRENAC EURL, IPv4 broker in RIPE NCC is glad to join three other sponsors of the RIPE 80 meeting. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, and for the first time in RIPE NCC history, the meeting is online and virtual. BRENAC ipv4 Broker is therefore a virtual Sponsor ! A RIPE Meeting is a five-day event where
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AFRINIC IPv4 exhaustion

AFRINIC has announced that they soon will run out of IPv4 addresses. Will less than 1.5 Million IPv4 addresses in their pool AFRINIC foresee an end of the allocation. This will occur during the year 2020. The basic allocation is now a /22 (1024 Addresses) and will conduct due diligence for new request for resources,
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What’s new in RIPE NCC ?

New in RIPE Region: RIPE 80 will take place …online due to Covid-19 pandemia, RIPE 80 will take place from 12 – 14 May 2020 and will feature a shorter programme and a new schedule. Learn more about the meeting at: We will most certainly attend. Hard to miss when its online. !  If